SURI Poster Session

Our summer undergraduate researchers in Mechanical Engineering shared their posters today! It was wonderful having them in lab this summer and we were excited for them to get to present on their work.

jack in front of his poster entitled: electrostatic auxetic shape display for rapid 3d rendering


merissa in front of her poster entitled: understanding the needs, resources, and goals of underserved stroke survivors


sandra in front of her poster entitled: clinical trials determining the feasibility of a passive wearable device for post-stroke assistive device


dani in front of his poster entitled: redesign for shoulder abduction support


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Eric's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Eric Gonzalez on successfully defending his dissertation! Eric defended his doctoral thesis titled, ‘Redirected Reaching in Virtual Reality: Modeling, Control & Applications’.

picture of eric smiling with hands outstretched, standing in front of his slides during his defense. his reading committee is sitting in the front row and we see the backs of their heads while he talks

eric explaining his dissertation work

gif of eric outside smiling as a small red inflatable man dances on his shoulder

he passed!

the lab outside smiling inside of the pergola, eric jumping in front of everyone with a smile on his face

jumping for joy

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Shape Camp

We went to Foothills Park for the first ever Shape Camp! We had a lot of fun walking in nature, playing games, eating, making crafts, and getting to better know one another.

painting with marker outlines and then filled in with watercolor. everyone in the lab smiling and posing, with Shape Camp written at the top

savannah painted all of us

people posing and smiling to replicate the ordering from the painting above

we re-create the painting!

social, retreat

Parastoo's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Parastoo Abtahi on successfully defending her dissertation! Parastoo defended her doctoral thesis titled, ‘From Haptic Illusions to Beyond Real Interactions in Virtual Reality’. Read more details or watch the video recording:

picture of parastoo smiling, standing in front of her slides before beginning her defense

she passed!

graduation, research