Shape Camp

We went to Foothills Park for the first ever Shape Camp! We had a lot of fun walking in nature, playing games, eating, making crafts, and getting to better know one another.

painting with marker outlines and then filled in with watercolor. everyone in the lab smiling and posing, with Shape Camp written at the top

savannah painted all of us

people posing and smiling to replicate the ordering from the painting above

we re-create the painting!

social, retreat

Parastoo's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Parastoo Abtahi on successfully defending her dissertation! Parastoo defended her doctoral thesis titled, ‘From Haptic Illusions to Beyond Real Interactions in Virtual Reality’. Read more details or watch the video recording:

picture of parastoo smiling, standing in front of her slides before beginning her defense

she passed!

graduation, research

HCI Retreat

We went to Lake Tahoe for an HCI-wide retreat! We had a lot of fun skiing/snowboarding, snow-shoeing, ice skating, playing board games, meeting other HCI group members, and discussing HCI values and how to make the HCI community more inclusive.

over 50 people smiling at the camera in a large lodge hall

HCI 2022

snowboard on top of a hill overlooking snow-covered hills, pine trees, and a clear blue lake in the distance


social, retreat

Alexa's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Alexa Siu on successfully defending her dissertation on August 10th! Alexa defended her doctoral thesis titled, ‘Advancing Access to Non-Visual Graphics: Haptic and Audio Representations of 3D Information and Data’. Read more details

screenshot from zoom showing 5 happy committee members and alexa

she passed!

a dog sitting in a person's lap outside

boba celebrating alexa's defense

graduation, research