Alexa's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Alexa Siu on successfully defending her dissertation! Alexa defended her doctoral thesis titled, ‘Advancing Access to Non-Visual Graphics: Haptic and Audio Representations of 3D Information and Data’. Read more details

screenshot from zoom showing 5 happy committee members and alexa

she passed!

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boba celebrating alexa's defense

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Zack's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Zack Hammond on successfully defending his dissertation! Zack defended his doctoral thesis titled, ‘Design and Control of Soft Truss Robots’. Read more details and watch the some supplemental video

screenshot from zoom showing 5 happy committee members and zack

He passed!

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outdoor lab celebration

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Zack featured in Veritasium Video

View the video below to see Zack explain and demo his research for the highly subscribed, Veritasium channel!

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Sean wins the Sloan Research Fellowship

Congratulations to Sean receiving a Sloan Research Fellowship! The recognize “the most promising scientific researchers working today.” Read a Stanford release here.

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