UbiSwarm: Ubiquitous Robotic Interfaces and Investigation of Abstract Motion as a Display

Lawrence H. Kim, Sean Follmer

Ubiquitous Robotic Interfaces

Ubiquitous robotic interfaces (URIs) are composed of many robots and have the following key elements as shown below: Mobility, Manipulation, Sensing, Display and Interaction.

Investigation of Abstract Motion as a Display

For proper design of URIs, it is necessary to study how people interact and perceive them. In this paper, we first investigated how people perceive abstract multi-robot motion as a display. Through this study, we demonstrate that UbiSwarm, even with fixed form and no body or face, can elicit different perceptions including but not limited to affect and urgency through abstract multi-robot motion. This is done by varying a number of motion parameters: bio-inspired behavior, speed and smoothness. With the study results, we provide both design guidelines for abstract motion and example applications.

Multi-robot Abstract Motion Parameters



Examples Applications