Zooids featured in Fastco Design

Zooids was featured in an article on Fastco Design! Read it here.


TTL In Review (2016-2017)

TTL (aka traditional Thursday lunch) in review! We have had so many amazing dishes from a diverse set of cuisines featured in our kitchen so far:

  • spaghetti a la bolognese by Mathieu
  • Kimchi fried rice by Lawrence
  • chile verde by Andrea
  • taiwanese dan dan noodles by Renée
  • bibimpab by Inrak
  • Thai green curry by Alexa
  • Gumbo by Zach
  • Puled pork sandwiches + coleslaw by Evan
  • Whole chicken soup by Kai and Yiwei
  • Pesto raviolli by Sean
  • Persian inspired lasagna by Parastoo
  • Picadillo + plantains + rice and beans by Eric

Just wait for our very own shape lab recipe book, inShape.

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2017 Retreat

This year we went to Arnold, CA for our annual shape lab retreat. We had a lot of fun hiking, cooking, and thinking about the important questions in our field!

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spaghetti lunch

Starting a new Thursday cooking lunch tradition in the shape lab kitchen! Sphaghetti a la bolognese courtesy of Doc-chef Le Goc.

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Many Awards @UIST 2016

Congratulations to Zooids and Rovables on their Best Paper Awards at UIST! And also congratulations to Inrak’s Wolverine for Best Demo Award!

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MECON 2016

Alexa won 1st place for her poster presentation at MECON 2016.

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Shape-shifting tech will change work as we know it

What will the world look like when we move beyond the keyboard and mouse? Interaction designer Sean Follmer is building a future with machines that bring information to life under your fingers as you work with it. In this talk, check out prototypes for a 3D shape-shifting table, a phone that turns into a wristband, a deformable game controller and more that may change the way we live and work.

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