An untethered isoperimetric soft robot

Our research on isoperimetric soft robots was published in Science Robotics. This work presents a constant edge-length, inflatable, robotic truss capable of dramatic shape change and untethered operation. The research was conducted by Nathan S. Usevitch, Zachary M. Hammond, Mac Schwager, Allison M. Okamura, Elliot W. Hawkes, and Sean Follmer. Our robots were featured in Stanford News, The Current, IEEE Spectrum, CNN, Medium, Digital trends, Inverse, Syfy, TechRepublic, New Atlas, Unite AI, SlashGear, Core 77, heise, cnBeta, RSVN, Хайтек, and others. Read more about this work.

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Lawrence's PhD Defense

Congratulations to Lawrence Kim on successfuly defensing his dissertation! Lawrence defended his doctoral thesis titled, ‘Designing In-situ Interaction with Ubiquitous Robots’. Read more details or watch the video recording:

picture of Lawrence standing in front of a screen showing a slide with part of the title of his thesis.

picture of Lawrence standing in front of his desk full of colorful papers and inflatable robots.

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Zack, Nathan, and Sean present at BARS

Zack, Nathan, and Sean present and demo the isoperimetric soft robot at the Bay Area Robotics Symposium in Berkeley, CA.

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Increasing access to 3D modeling through touch-based display

In our latest project we collaborated with members of the blind and visually impaired community to develop a touch-based display and application that makes 3D modelling more accessible. This work was done with Alexa F. Siu, Son Kim, Joshua A. Miele, and Sean Follmer. The work received a Best Paper nomination at ASSETS 2019 and was featured in Stanford News, TechCrunch, Core77, and others. Read more about the work published at ASSETS 2019 or watch the video below:

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